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Wedding Flowers

Why Wedding Flowers are important?

Flowers are the most important elements of any design. They can transform a wedding space from boring to extraordinary, give a private party a small token of luxury, and provide corporate events with a dash of color. Wedding Flowers are especially important because they complete a look and theme of a wedding.
As a bride, there are a lot that you need to think about when it comes to flowers. Two most important aspects of floral designing to concentrate on when working with your floral designer are:

Budget: No one wants to talk about budget, but it is one of the most important things you have to think about. Take a moment and think about how much you want to spend on your flowers. Prices can vary widely between florists so always make sure you know exactly what is included in the design.

Color: The best way to choose a color palette is by picking a color for your bridesmaid dresses. Once you have your color picked out, start doing a research online by collecting pictures of dresses, bouquets, flowers, and centerpieces. Look not only for color but also for style and share the photos with your floral designer.
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How Much ?

 At AGS Events, we work with Chicago area brides and grooms and a wide range of budgets. But no matter where your wedding falls on the spectrum, be realistic about pricing. Additional decoration such as chair covers, linens, backdrop, candle holders and such always will increase the cost of your decor. Our floral design prices vary based on the detail needed to execute a design. The price does not depend on the size of the wedding but on the actual design, the elements needed to complete it and types of flowers used.

Did You Know: The average cost of wedding flowers & decor for wedding today is typically between 10%-15% of the total wedding budget.
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A La Carte Pricing


Bridal Bouquet                                              $100 - $500
Bridesmaid Bouquet                                     $40 - $125
Junior Bridesmaid Bouquets                        $30 - $ 85
Ladies' Corsages                                          $ 25 - $45
Flower Girl Rose Pedals                               $10
Flower Girl Kissing Balls                               $55 - $125
Flower Crowns                                              $40 - $125
Men's Boutonnieres                                      $10 - $20
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Aisle Runner                                                     $35           
Altar One Sided Arrangements                        $125 - $250
Altar Full Sided Arrangements                         $175 - $450
Blessed Mary Bouquets                                   $20 - $45
Pews / Chair Flowers                                       $45 - $65
Aisle Rose Pedals                                            $10 / ft
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Cake Table Decor                                     $45 - $125
Cake Flowers                                            $50 - $200
Cocktail Table Decor                                 $15 - $45
Place Card Table                                      $45 - $450
Low Table Centerpieces                           $30 - $125+
Elevated Centerpieces                             $150 - $1,500+
Garlands                                                   $12/ft +

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